Ad-nology Labs is a creative events agency founded by Ken, specialising in strategic planning, ideation, creative execution and event IP creation with heavy focus on creative & communities.

With 8 years of experience in operating a business, Ken knows what he’s doing. His first business venture was a publication company where he increased the portfolio by 200% within 9 months. Soon after, he started a marketing & events agency with great support of brands and agencies in Malaysia, such as Samsung, Spritzer and many more.

Recently, Ken acquired the rights to ARTBOX, the famous night market from Bangkok, where he successfully garnered over 400,000 attendees over 6 days, making it the largest creative market in Malaysia. Even now, he still works with industry leaders to spearhead new digital businesses and marketing campaigns.

He believes that passion is the only thing keeping everyone in the industry alive, as the marketing & events industry is not an easy industry to be in. However, it is pure satisfaction to have customers acknowledge the effort into making the events successful.


Life quote that Ken Chai lives by
“Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.”
-Marilyn Monroe

Ken Chai
Adnology Labs

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