Poptron—the portmanteau of the words POP-ups, TRust and ONline—is a lifestyle social e-commerce platform launched in September 2020.

Poptron is about fostering a community that loves and appreciates emerging brands, beautiful products, and the wonderful creators behind them. With the aim of connecting lifestyle microbrands and content to a like-minded global audience, Poptron empowers passionate brands to make a difference every day with their amazing products.

Poptron is akin to a boutique marketplace, which hand-curates brands and products that can’t be found on other marketplaces and tends to be high in quality and low in quantity.

With Poptron, all these brands are located in a singular platform making it easy for lovers of high quality, lifestyle products to discover and explore the brands at your fingertips.

Life quote that Muz lives by
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”
– George Bernard Shaw

Muz, Poptron
Public Relation Manager

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